The End of the Path

The bitter pill has been swallowed, and the path has been walked to the end. We are grateful for the awesome stuff we experienced during our journey and think dearly of the many hours we spent with you, of passion for our music, debauched parties, and a keen sense for the crude joke.

Thanks to everone who had joint us along the way towards our downfall, whom we met between god and gutter, and who have hoped in vain for another return.

Have a drink (or two) on us!
Path of Golconda (1999-2016)


Message Bored

Whilst we are still working assidiously like busy bees (the blood-sucking, devil-invoking sort of course) on the new record, to be recorded later this year, we have decided to close down our message board until further notice and the rebirth of our new homegrave design. The old version plainly sucked (not blood though), and discussions seem to have moved to Facebook anyway - so please feel free to go there to leave your valued feedback!


Necromancy A Go-Go!

As the band rehearsed for our infamous show on the 28.2.2015 in Oberhausen to which we cordially invite you (after you purchased your tickets, you fuckers!) and thought about ways of saving our friends at the Olga-Fest, PATH OF GOLCONDA gleefully decided to express our support by performing some magick rituals - it was a Friday 13th, after all! So do expect some necromantic bravado as we invoke the spirits of Metal past, and present, and to come! What this means? You will to have to come and find out...

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